Themed Attractions

Audio, Video, Lighting, and Control Solutions for Themed Attractions
Themed attractions around the world leverage HARMAN audio, video, lighting and control solutions to create the ideal immersive experience for their guests. These solutions can be integrated into virtually any part of your venue or attraction to produce a unique atmosphere that can be replicated day after day. Operators of themed attractions rely on HARMAN’s wide range of audio visual products for customized, scalable systems that meet all of their needs. The customized systems found in theme parks and attractions are also implemented throughout professional sports venues, convention centers and movie theaters to provide a high-impact experience that keeps people staying longer, wanting more and spending more. Centralizing software, automation and control systems throughout your venue will allow your staff to effortlessly manage the entire property. Our intuitive user interfaces can be preset for quick setup or manually adjusted to achieve the desired ambiance while allowing staff to focus on guests rather than facility operations.

HARMAN Professional Solutions Overview
HARMAN Professional Solutions is the world’s largest professional audio, video, lighting and control products and systems company. Our effective technologies in sound, video controls and lighting deliver a truly engaging experience. Customers trust our decades of expertise and gain peace of mind not having to worry about the quality and performance of our solutions.